(It’s alright. It’s alright.)
man, drawing anime characters is even harder than I remember from my middle school years

I hit back when hit and attack when attacked 

casually adds to list of favorite characters. quick color sketch while I work up nice lineart

oh sister, am I not a brother to you?

I’m sorry to anyone who follows me who doesn’t enjoy this show like I do, I started drawing these characters and now I can’t stop.
(I only seem to remember to update tumblr when I get a ton of reblog notifications all of a sudden and then I feel a little bad for dissapearing.  I’ve failed you, tumblr. :c)
A thing for a friend.  I don’t actually know very much about Adventure Time, so I just drew some adverturey stuff.
(also I’ve got a whole bunch of new followers lately, hi guys.)

it’s a shame to know I brought you into this, I swear

I honestly went into this meaning to draw something dynamic and bloody and high-contrast and then this happened instead.
Today I realized that I forgot what it was like to care about anime until this show.  And then I drew some Mikasas.
Since Terra has been getting notes lately and it’s super old and I should post dumb doodles more.  Something about FFVI characters is really fun to draw, though.  I think it’s the finding-middle-ground between Amano-crazy and game-sprites that does it for me.  Everything is just undefined enough to allow for a lot of screwing around.
Celes wins in being badass but guess what my favorite RPG class is.   Guess.

two uploads at once since it’s been way too long since I posted anything and I’ve got a whole lot of new followers recently (hi guys!)

everything I’ve been drawing has felt really stiff to me for a long time, so I’ve been trying to work on that.  Which means Portal 2 doodles I guess!  Secondly, and even more incredibly unfinished, GUESS WHAT I’VE BEEN WATCHING.  If you guessed “Attack on Titan,” you’d be right.  If you said “what’s Attack on Titan?” then you should check it out, because it’s pretty damn cool and I just want to draw people being badasses in 3D gear all day.

mostly messing around with a new brush.  I enjoyed Tali’s evolution into sassmaster.
(edited with minor fix.)